The Tenets of TaeKwonDo

At the beginning of class, students recite the Tenets of TaeKwonDo.  These are 5 words that the students are expected to follow not only in class, but at home and in school as well.  In class, the students will learn the understanding, meanings, and importance of each of these words.


Kindness, humility, good manners, politeness, and respect


Honesty, straight dealing, purity, moral soundness, and uprightness.  To have integrity means to be honest with everyone and with yourself at all times.



 Persistence, a steadfast pursuit of an understanding of the aim, continuation in the practice of TaeKwonDo regardless of the amount of obstacles.



 The physical control with regard to motions, precision of execution, prevention of unnecessary injuries due to lack of control.  Experience is the best teacher, but all the physical reactions are based on the psychological make-up.  Emotions are usually involved, hence the need for emotional self-control.  The degree of controlling the particularly strong emotions such as love, hate, anger, surprise, joy, sadness, etc., show the level of achievement of each practitioner of TaeKwonDo.



 Indomitable means unconquerable or unbreakable.  It means that one has such strong unshaken beliefs and principles that even sacrificing the most precious possessions one has is not too high a price to pay in defending them.